A set of frequently asked questions concerning Banking Identity
that you may find interesting.

Banking Identity

It is digital authentication of a person’s identity using security methods offered by his Internet banking.

Banking Identity can become a universal “key”, making digital services of companies as well as the stateavailable to people. Logging into a specific on-line service will be similar to logging into Internet banking. The client will always be informed about the purpose of the log-in. The bank will confirm a successful log-in to the digital service concerned. Each log-in will be made at the initiative and with the consent of the individual and it will not cost him anything.

No, the bank never sells data or information; it is not allowed that by law. It will only confirm your identity. For that, the bank will be entitled to charge a fee to the private service provider who seeks the authentication of your identity.

Everything will depend on the specific client and the data he allows to be handed over along with his identity. Without his instruction, the bank will not confirm his identity or any other data. The use of identity is entirely optional, and the client can always confirm identity by other means, for example, by visiting a branch of the company or institution concerned.

Similar projects based on cooperation between banks and the government have for many years made everyday activities easier for people in other countries (Denmark, Sweden, Canada, India, SAE, and others).

For individuals as well as the government, digital identity authentication will be free of charge. Commercial providers of digital services will pay a standard fee for client identification.

The Banking Identity project is open to all Czech banks. It will be solely up to them whether they will join in or not. Every participating bank will have exactly the sameconditions and will provide the same types of basic services to all clients.

  • Individuals (bank clients) will have far easier and, above all, far more user friendly access to digital services of private corporations as well as of the state.
  • The state will gain several million users of public e-government services. With the use of Banking Identity, over 5.5 million users will gain immediate access to public services.
  • Corporations (service providers) will gain easier identification of persons. They will be able to take advantage of a well-tested and secure electronic instrument for remote client identification, without having to expend great resources on obtaining their own instruments.

For individuals

Banking Identity will be available to clients automatically. They only need to become a client of a z bankproviding Banking Identity and get access to electronic banking. If you are a client of any of the  following banks but do not have electronic banking or do not know how to log into it, you will have to address this with your bank.

Banking Identity cannot be used at present. An information campaign will be run before its launch. We expect this to be in 2021.

There are multiple identity providers – aside from government identities (e.g., an electronic identification card), you can also have an identity from a private supplier. Banking Identity ensures a high standard of security and users do not need to deal with many different passwords for various systems. Furthermore, you are always in a familiar and secured environment. You will not have to enter passwords on suspicious screens.